Take a long hard look at where you are and where you want to be. Good Design will shape the quality of your product and or services and allow your customers to experience your company. Design with imagination is the most influencing factor in shaping their attitude toward your product or service. It can affect loyalty, repeat purchases, and the way people talk about your company.Design is a primary means by which you give your customers what they want. All design must be seen in the context of the customer and MTV Group never loses sight of how your product or service can be of value to them in their life, through the power of the visual language.

Design Services
  • Corporate Identity - Your Identity should be designed from a marketability
    standpoint. Any one can create a pretty identity system. But that will not necessarily get or keep you in the market place. At M.T.V. Group we do not design for ourselves: Our designs are biased on our clients needs. This is where art meets the consumer. From start-ups to mature business, the creation of a brand identity should resonate with their customers. Your corporate Identity is by far the most important ingredient in generating sales. People are buying your image, and above all the nature of the product itself.
  • Package Design - A brand fulfills the real or perceived needs of the customer, and in today’s extremely completive retail market, you only have one chance to make a first impression. More than ever, package design plays a major role in the success of your product sales. Presentation of your package design will be the deciding factor that leads to the sale The right look, right feel your product packaging will convey to your market segment quality, value and trust. The less advertising you do, the more selling your package needs to do. Our graphic design capabilities spans into food, beauty, water, health and fast foods. If you package your product in a unique way you increase the potential of a customer pick it up.
  • Trade Shows - When attending a trade show, you need to convey your
    message forcefully and effectively in just a few seconds. Making a statement that rises above the visual roar of the neighboring booths is probably your greatest challenge. At these events it is important that you have an impressive display, which consistently projects your brand image, since your customers will judge and evaluate you based simply on how your display looks. They will also compare you with your competition that is only a few feet away. There is no other environment than a trade shows where presentation alone makes such a difference.
  • Brochure Design - A well-designed brochure or catalog is the way to
    show cases your business or product. Brochures are used to build a professional image for your company, introduce a new product or service into the market place, update your current products specifications, or promote an event. Brochures can be an economical way to give you the advantage over you competition and instills trust in your customers by informing them of who you are and what you have to offer. M.T.V. Group dose not produce generic brochures. We pride our self on producing pieces that strike a lively balance between form and meaning