Advertising shapes your customer’s opinion of your business. Good design is most cost efficient in the long run. A distinctive style of advertising makes your promotions noticeable and memorable. The truth is no matter how good you or your products
are if you do not advertise or stop advertising it WILL be forgotten. The lesson here is that you do not have to advertise in every medium, understand however that your image is influenced by the medium in which you choose as well as the medium you omit. When considering different avenues of promotions keep in mind they are all at your disposal, no matter what your budget. Deciding on what medium to use becomes a function of your target audience. At M.T.V.Group we build informed campaigns from our research, we work with our clients to deliver a graphic and written language that produces a desired response. Then we use the appropriate medium to produce results. Remember, Advertising wins immediate results while building long-term equity.

Advertising Services
  • Advertising Campaigns - Some call it integrated marketing. Some call it a
    campaign. Some call it synergy or continuity. No matter what you call it, these buzzwords refer to what every brand needs to succeed; a campaign that is constant, no matter when or where the consumer sees it. Your campaign must be bold and simple to powerfully convey its intended message at a glance. We understand impact and retentive effectiveness.
  • Direct Marketing - If you do not make adequate efforts to remain visible, your customer will can forget about you. Direct mail has a distinct edge and can be very affordable. In today’s world every man woman and child is exposed to thousands of advertising messages per day. If any advertising can cut thru the clutter and get the message out, it is this medium. Stop and think about why you open or read one piece over another. Designing a direct mail piece is a unique and a creative challenge that M.T.V. Group has concord. The Direct Response Market comes in many different forms. All Direct Mail has to do is attract the recipients attention, in order to beckon an immediate responds.
  • Interactive Marketing - Advertising Campaigns can go where they have never
    had before. Enter the realm of the internet-age. M.T.V.Group will connect you to your consumers with the click of a mouse.